Master music marketing strategies


Music Ally’s Sandbox brand and training operation have been at the forefront of the digital marketing space in music for over 10 years, guiding the global music industry on the latest and greatest tools, platforms, campaigns, best practices and strategies.

Having trained thousands of professionals over the years, Music Ally is now pleased to launch its first official ‘Digital Marketing Certification’: a new benchmark for companies and individuals to make sure their skills are up to a global industry standard.

With flexibility at the heart of this programme, learners can complete the curated set of video learning modules in their own time/at their own pace, or be part of a live bespoke programme curated and delivered by our team. Either way, the programme will cover the essentials, through to the latest strategies and best practices needed to successfully market music.

The Programme

Made up of a pathway of 14 video courses, the programme consists of...

Each course is around 45 minutes long on average, the videos are split into sections and the platform records progress, so learners can dip in to complete the required content as they please.
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Benefits of Music Ally’s Digital Marketing Certification

For individuals:

  • Gaining the essential knowledge and skills needed for music marketing in the modern global music business
  • Certification from a company known to have the industry leading intelligence and overview of digital marketing in music, relied on by major labels through to academics
  • A demonstrable digital certificate and badge for LinkedIn, website, autosig
  • A recognisable certification and training with employers in the music industry, a modern certification for the CV
  • Become part of our directory of Music Ally certified marketers

For companies:

  • Ensure your global teams are trained to a consistent expert level
  • Have a benchmark knowledge base to make sure your teams are up to date with the latest in digital marketing and not falling behind the competition
  • Give employees the opportunity to train up on digital marketing to facilitate internal mobility
  • Supporting career development with access to professional music specific training
  • Increase your marketing team’s effectiveness
  • Having certified individuals/teams gives potential signings or clients confidence that your company takes marketing seriously, investing in staff training to give the best possible results to your clients


The certification process is designed for the modern busy music professional in mind, with a short 10 question test at the end of each of the courses to ascertain completion and understanding. Overall this whole programme is around 14 hours of learning time: very achievable to fit around or integrate into a working day. We have made sure the courses are jam-packed with what you really need to know.

Upon successful completion, learners will be provided with an official signed digital certificate, digital badge for LinkedIn/website/autosig and enter into our Music Ally directory of certified digital marketers.

Tailored programmes

For a more bespoke programme and live webinar delivery of modules, please contact to discuss your needs.We are putting together programmes for major labels and indies to make sure their marketing teams in global offices have a consistent excellent standard of knowledge, through to delivering the digital marketing classes at Berklee.

Have you successfully completed all the courses within Music Ally Digital Marketing Certified?