Learn Live: Key AI Music Business Tools & Opportunities

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Supercharged: Key AI Music Business Tools & Opportunities




The conversation around generative AI has been evolving rapidly in 2023, with deepfake tracks arousing the wrath of the music industry. Yet AI is not one technology with a single application: it’s a group of them with varied uses. Some are undoubtedly worrying for artists, managers and rightsholders, but others are exciting and have lots of potential for the music business: management; frontline and catalogue marketing; publishing; sync and more. Music Ally has been covering this area since 2014 when one of the first AI-music startups, Jukedeck, emerged from stealth mode.

In this Learn Live webinar, we will give an overview of the key companies and tools in this space, and how you can start working with them. We will also discuss the threats and controversies around AI technologies to help you make sense of the noise, and understand how to protect your artists and their work. From content creation, marketing attribution and automated ads to licensed voice clones, metadata creation and campaign updates, the space for useful AI tools is flourishing. We’ll help you and your teams harness their potential to grow your business.