Learn Live: Serving The Fans

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Escape the algorithms and build sustainable communities.





In the ever-changing online world, how should artists and teams reach out to fans and encourage them to become a part of a wider artist-fan community?

More and more online creators – including musicians – are finding their content is being buried in social media feeds, meaning that they’re not reaching their fans, or expanding their audience. Because of that, artists are looking into alternative ways to engage fans – from being active on alternative platforms such as Discord or Reddit, to searching for new tools to connect with them, like fan subscriptions, NFTs, and more.

In this Learn Live webinar, we will explore the possibilities that will help you reach and engage fans effectively and build a sustainable music career – without falling into the trap of “chasing the algorithm”. We will cover the tools you can use, and the activations you could do on the main social platforms, as well as explore a range of alternative platforms you may not have considered. We’ll also look ahead into emerging technologies, and will touch on how fan communities will be present, and engage with artists, within web3 platforms. Finally, we’ll go through case studies that will inspire you: prime examples of artists who built strong fan communities around their music.