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Build a loyal fanbase with email marketing expertise
Louise · February 2, 2023

Not only is email marketing still relevant today, it is a vital part of any music marketing campaign because unlike other means of communication, its reach is not at risk of being suppressed by an external algorithm. This course covers the importance of email marketing and how to run email marketing campaigns, from start to finish.

We will discuss how to choose the best email marketing platform according to your project by assessing which features are most important for you. We will then delve into the anatomy of an email through its structure, design and content, and get you started with a few ideas of email topics. We will also give you techniques to grow your artist’s mailing list by looking at some great real-life artist examples, original ideas to get fans to take that extra step and sign up to your artist’s newsletter.

We will also cover data protection, reviewing the legal requirements your emails must abide by to be in accordance with international privacy laws such as the European GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act. Finally, we will look at ways to improve the overall success of email marketing campaigns by focusing on open rates, click-through rates and unsubscribe rates.

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