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5 Ways To Reach International Audiences On YouTube

Sarah May 10, 2023

YouTube’s Built-In Tools 

Use YouTube Studio’s Subtitles tab to add: 

  • Translations of the video title and description 
  • Video subtitles in multiple languages 

Localised Video Content 

Create localised video content that cater to international audiences whether it’s based on different language groups, or catered to a specific territory. 

  • Translated Lyric videos in multiple languages 
  • Territory-based music videos 

YouTube Shorts 

YouTube Shorts is a great tool for discovery and artist reach on YouTube and there’s a lot of space for artists and their teams to get creative with how they utilise it. 

Connor Price started this content series collaborating with artists across the globe and it’s been adopted by other artists as well.

Channel Partnerships/Collaborations 

Tool: Check out the YouTube Channel Crawler mentioned in this lesson to help you search for potential channels that might be a good fit for partnership with your artist. 


When it comes to reaching new audiences, of course advertising can be a useful tool. You can develop an advertising strategy on YouTube using various targeting features on Google Ads. Watch our Google Ads For YouTube if you’d like to learn more.