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Supercharge fan engagement and promotions with unique platform tools

Louise · April 3, 2023

For more than a decade, Snapchat has been a champion of fleeting, brief videos. This often underestimated platform is a pioneer in augmented reality innovation and opens the door for technological creativity in music promotion. Snapchat is unique among short-form video platforms in terms of its powers and applications, and is a sleeping giant in social music marketing and a platform not to be overlooked.

Music Ally has prepared the definitive guide to master Snapchat and all the tools and features it offers to create an engaging platform for your artists to express their stories, market their music, and discover a community. We have covered all the elements to help you get started and become a pro, from its widespread popularity in 2010 to guidance on how to develop material, user-generated content, advertising, and creative campaign examples you can apply to your own artists.

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