Behind The Single: ‘Them Changes’

How to market around an organic TikTok trend

Amy · May 11, 2023

Viral hits emerge frequently on TikTok, and when they do, that’s when the work really starts for marketing teams. In this video we explore Thundercat’s single ‘Them Changes’ and how his label Ninja Tune worked behind the scenes to maximise a viral moment spawned by a sped-up track, driving streams and creating deeper engagement with the artist.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand the phenomenon of ‘Them Changes’ on TikTok
  • Explore the marketing team’s strategic response to ‘Them Changes’ virality 7 years after its release
  • Discover the lessons the case study holds for music marketing

About Instructor


I am a highly experienced music industry professional who has worked with Platoon and Apple Music Publishing and started my career by founding an inclusive queer live music venue in Cape Town. With a comprehensive understanding of the music business, I am well-versed in copyright, publishing, data analysis, and community management. My knowledge and expertise make me an ideal partner for artists and their marketing teams who are looking to succeed in the modern music industry. I understand that building a strong and engaged fan community is crucial for an artist's success. As an advocate for innovation and inclusion, I am committed to supporting artists and their teams in their quest for success.

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