Behind the Single: ‘Boy’s a liar Pt. 2’

How to market a modern collaboration

Amy · July 19, 2023

Understand elements of the campaign behind PinkPantheress’s ‘Boy’s a Liar’ and its sequel featuring Ice Spice, and how the Warner Records UK team turned it into an international hit. The insights were obtained first-hand from the team at Warner Records UK.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How TikTok was utilised as a testing ground for new tracks, leading to successful user engagement and song promotion
  • How an untraditional collaboration and strategic marketing tactics were employed to spark fan excitement and online conversation
  • The unique and effective utilization of YouTube Shorts to expand reach to a new fanbase
  • How a platform-specific approach in music marketing was used to maximize the song’s visibility across different social media channels
  • Learn about the disruptive marketing approach designed to align with PinkPantheress’s and Ice Spice’s unique artist identities

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I am a highly experienced music industry professional who has worked with Platoon and Apple Music Publishing and started my career by founding an inclusive queer live music venue in Cape Town. With a comprehensive understanding of the music business, I am well-versed in copyright, publishing, data analysis, and community management. My knowledge and expertise make me an ideal partner for artists and their marketing teams who are looking to succeed in the modern music industry. I understand that building a strong and engaged fan community is crucial for an artist's success. As an advocate for innovation and inclusion, I am committed to supporting artists and their teams in their quest for success.

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