5 Techniques To Promote Pre-Saves 

Encourage fans to add music to their libraries before it’s out

Karolina · September 1, 2023

In this video, we’ll explore innovative ways to encourage artists’ fans to pre-save their upcoming songs on streaming platforms. You’ll discover the power of competitions, exclusive content unlocks, goal-oriented releases, and creative content strategies to build anticipation, increase engagement, and amplify artists’ music’s reach.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to utilise competitions and giveaways 
  • The benefits of creating exclusive content
  • Strategies for releasing songs 
  • Creative and engaging content ideas 
  • Pre-save tools

About Instructor


Karolina Kay has experience in artist management and development, PR, event management and concert promotion, and holds a degree in Music Business. She devises and delivers training and marketing strategies to a wide range of Music Ally’s clients including record labels and management companies, and analyses the latest marketing tools for Sandbox.

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