TikTok Best Practice

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Course Description

TikTok is the social platform that's on everyone's lips, having grown incredibly quickly in recent years and continuously spawning viral hits. Whilst our ‘TikTok Ecosystem’ course was designed to provide an understanding of the overall TikTok app, its culture and how it impacts the music industry, this 'TikTok Best Practice' course will now look much deeper into how artists and their teams can actually use the platform for their marketing efforts.

We will start by looking at overall digital strategy and organic marketing techniques, from profile optimisation and posting strategy to features like live-streaming and e-commerce. We will also discuss how to collaborate with influencers to amplify campaigns and look at the opportunities within TikTok Ads. In our final section, we will present some real-life campaign examples which utilise different approaches including organic and paid campaigns, live and on-platform marketing partnerships.

Lead Instructor

Marlen Huellbrock
Marlen Huellbrock

Marlen has a background in music and brand partnerships, initially working for Universal Music in Germany and Switzerland. She subsequently obtained a Masters in Music Business Management in London, further developing her expertise in areas such as integrated marketing campaigns and Intellectual Property and Copyright Management. Since joining the Music Ally team, she works across their marketing services and delivering training to a wide range of clients including the MMF and BPI. She also writes for the Sandbox publication analysing the latest marketing tools and case studies.

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