Marketing on TikTok

A guide to using TikTok to find new fans

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TikTok is the social platform that's on everyone's lips, boasting more than 1.5bn app downloads and spawning viral hits like 'Old Town Road'. This module explains how the platform works, what makes it such a powerful tool for the music industry and what you need to know in order to engage its massive youth audience. By looking at specific artist profiles and campaigns, we’re highlighting how artists and songs can best be marketed across the platform and most importantly, what to do to make this success spill over to more platforms like DSPs and socials. At the same time, we’ll look into the challenges the platform faces such as its ongoing battles with rights holders and further growth plans. However, we’re also interested in where our audiences might go next - therefore we’ll present you with an overview of other platforms emerging in both Western and Chinese markets that are incorporating short-form video and music and have the potential to directly compete with TikTok.

Lead Instructor

Marlen Huellbrock
Marlen Huellbrock

Marlen has a background in music and brand partnerships, initially working for Universal Music in Germany and Switzerland. She subsequently obtained a Masters in Music Business Management in London, further developing her expertise in areas such as integrated marketing campaigns and Intellectual Property and Copyright Management. Since joining the Music Ally team, she works across their marketing services and delivering training to a wide range of clients including the MMF and BPI. She also writes for the Sandbox publication analysing the latest marketing tools and case studies.

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