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Facebook has nearly 2.5bn monthly active users and Instagram has over 1bn. They cover the world’s online demographic audience from teens to the older generation and are the most powerful marketing tools in the world, with sophisticated ad engines that can help anyone locate and speak to an audience almost anywhere in the world.

Music Ally's Facebook & Instagram Complete Bundle consists of five modules that cover both platforms in depth with a specific focus on the features and strategies most relevant to artists, manager and labels. The modules discuss how to optimise your posts and profiles across both platforms as well as how to amplify your marketing through Facebook Business Manager. From algorithms to analytics and advertising, this bundle will help you to boost your engagement and following across Facebook & Instagram.

These modules have been developed after several years of workshops and webinars with music business professionals. The design of the bundle reflects the range of questions we are asked, covering issues around the way that Facebook and Instagram have evolved and which of its many features are the key ones to understand, and how to optimise them in the context of a more holistic marketing campaign.

The bundle is aimed at anyone who’s interested in understanding how to find and build audiences across the world’s largest social media networks, and how the underlying mechanics work - particularly how to use available tools that build on the huge audiences reached by these services, and how to use data to drive more reach and engagement.

Modules Included with Purchase

Facebook Mastery
Posts, Profiles and Strategy
Patrick Ross
Instagram Mastery
Posts, Profiles and Strategy
Patrick Ross
Facebook & Instagram Advanced Advertising
Getting bang for your advertising bucks
Kushal Patel
Setting Up Business Manager
Ad Accounts, Pixels & Analytics
Kushal Patel
The Why, How and What of Remarketing
Isabelle Ljungqvist

Original Price: $495

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your courses?
Our individual modules are priced at $99 (ex. local sales tax). Our bundles (3 - 5 modules) are priced at $250 (ex. tax). Our full bundle containing all of our modules is priced at $999 (ex. tax).

What is your refund policy?
Any purchase cancelled within 14 days of payment will be eligible for a full refund unless you have already started the course. Once you begin the course, you will no longer be eligible for a full refund; and once a course is completed, with or without certification, you will not be eligible for any refund. If you have technical problems for whatever reason please contact [email protected]

I want to upgrade from a single module to the full bundle, can I still get a discount?
Yes you can! Email [email protected] and we can issue you a discount coupon.

Are payments recurring?
None of the charges are recurring. You will only be billed once for each module or bundle.

How long are your modules / bundles?
Between 20 minutes and just under an hour. The precise lengths of individual modules are visible before purchase. Bundles consist of between 3 and 5 modules and are offered at a discounted rate.

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