Release Playbook: Pre-Release Set Up (Part 1)

Set your release up for success
Marlen · April 3, 2023

Music Ally has developed ‘The Release Playbook’ series to help artists and their teams understand the different elements of a successful release set up and execution. The courses will cover what to consider and what to set up before release, activities on the day of release as well as post-release, in order to grow an artist’s fanbase and drive engagement. They also offer useful checklists, examples and case studies.

In this first course, we will walk you through how to properly set up a release in advance: from compiling all necessary metadata, creating powerful release assets, preparing an Electronic Press Kit and setting up/optimising profiles on all important streaming and social platforms. We will also present all relevant image guidelines across key platforms to ensure your imagery is always on point.

Throughout the course, we will recommend helpful tools for website building, email marketing, content creation and more. This introductory module will be a useful guide both for artists and teams that are set to release for the first time, as well as for seasoned artists and marketers who can return to this module to help them keep track of everything in the lead up to a release. It is designed to be a guide for anyone that is working on music releases – be that a musician, manager or label representative.

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Marlen is the Head of Marketing & Audience at Music Ally, where she leads on the development and execution of marketing strategy and marketing innovation services for artists and their teams. She’s helped artists across a range of genres, territories and audience sizes to fine-tune their digital strategy, build their fan community, and execute creative digital campaigns. Marlen started her career in the music industry working for Universal Music Group & Brands in Germany and Switzerland, before obtaining a Masters in Music Business Management at the University of Westminster in London. She’s a passionate fan of pop music and loves an empowering pop anthem.

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